Plot Teasers

The Man, The Myth

In 1977 fans of the late H.P. Lovecraft bought a tombstone to mark his gravesite in Swan Point cemetery and engraved it with a quote from one of his letters; “I Am Providence”. In the Supernatural community some speculate if Lovecraft was once a practitioner and had bound himself to the City. After all, the strange horrors her wrote of could easily have been creatures from the Nevernever or worse, the outer gates. Is there some past here that the White Council is covering up or are the rumors paranoid fictions from overzealous fans? Though, lately there may be some merit to these rumors… creatures of the Nevernever are breaking through into the “real” world more often than normal.

The Haunting of Providence

Hauntings and ghost appearances are on the rise throughout the city. At first Ghost Hunters, such as the local team dubbed the “Ghost Whispers” were excited, then people started dying and it wasn’t so “cool” anymore.

Murder Most Foul

Two very similar murders have occurred in the city. Both victims were young women and both are rumored to have had their guts and hearts removed. No trace of these organs have been found and police are baffled. One things for sure, one more death and they’ll have a serial killer on their hands and that’s the last thing Providence needs.

Plot Teasers

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