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Tourist Locations

Swan Point Cemetery
Established in 1846, this 200-acre garden cemetery is located in the northeast corner of Providence.
Rumors indicate that a trio of ghosts haunts a certain crypt, which local children named “Swan Point Castle”.
Face: Donald Rier – Friendly care-taker ghost that only appears at midnight under a full moon. He has a large, bushy beard; small beady eyes and wears overalls and a straw hat. A large pool of blood stains his shirt, indicating he was most likely killed from a gun shot to the heart.
Aspects: Uneven Ground. Crowded (Day only). Anyone Got a Flashlight? (Night only).

Roger Williams Park
This park is considered the premier playground for Providence residents. It was designed in 1874 by Horace W.S. Cleaeland and encompasses 435 acres with ponds weaving in and out of the rolling landscape.
There is gate to the Nevernever in Roger Williams which is said to lead to one of the Fae Courts.

Providence Preforming Art Center
The PPAC is a gorgeous venue for concerts, plays, musicals, and free local events. Since it was recently bought out by the fabulously wealthy Alexander Caher-Crow, PPAC’s performances have included elaborate burlesque shows. It’s a little odd that the public has remained rather silent about this new change to the once family-orientated theater.
Face: Pauline Fabre – Gorgeous woman who is all curves with dark, straight hair, full lips that seem to always be smiling, pale skin, and a ocean blue eyes. She is very friendly and very sensual.
Aspects: Crowded. Dim Lighting.

Thayer Street
Close to Brown and RISD, this street has become over-infested with college aged kids, especially during the school year. Here one can find clothing stores, cafes, hookah bars, and restaurants.
Face: Ham – Homeless man who has a wild beard, always wears a pair of dark sunglasses, a baseball hat that’s falling apart at it’s seams, and a long trench coat.
Aspects: College Students Everywhere. Dark Alleys.

First Baptist Church
Founded in 1638, this church was the first Baptist Church in America. The church has a tall chapel and its old brick has been painted white.
Face: Pastor James Herber – A small, wiry man; James Herber is always willing to welcome anyone in need or not into his church. He is a true man of faith.
Aspects: Holy Ground.

Waterplace Park
Home of waterfire and outdoor concerts and surrounded by what some dud as Venice-style buildings. Some powerful Ley Lines run through this area and the White Council has watched over it in the past, but the recent war with the Red Court has kept them a little too busy to concern themselves with this small area of Providence.


Rhode Island School of Design
One of the top art colleges in the country, which means its full of emotionally sensitive art students. Easily manipulated, emotionally sensitive art students.
Face: Dean Rosia Endicott – Rosia has been called a marvel by her piers. Her influence of the staff and student body has been a God send. Some more jealous colleges think this influence has more to do with her striking good looks than anything else.

Brown University
An Ivy League college founded in 1764. Did daddy pay big bucks to get his good-for-nothing son into this prestige college? You bet he did and you bet these kids think they’re the best of the best.
Face: Dean Anton Curwin – Relatively new to Brown, Mr. Curwin has shown a keen interest in upgrading the college’s technology, particularly in the Science Department.

Night Life/Recreation

The Equinox
Accorded Neutral Grounds.
Run by two beautiful sisters this unique establishment offers a full, sit-down Cafe downstairs during the day and an upper class nightclub upstairs at night.
Those “in the know” come to The Equinox for “Fae Court issues”.
Faces: Eve and Dawn Mason – The owners of The Equinox claim to be “sisters” though they look nothing alike expect perhaps for that inhuman vibe they both carry. Eve is dark skinned with untamed bright red hair that flows down past her waist. Her most startling feature are her large golden-brown eyes that always seem to know more than she let’s on. Dawn, on the other hand is pale skinned with straight blond hair that’s cut in a short, stylish bob. Her eyes are as green as the newly budded leaves in spring.

Club Hell
Club Hell has themed dance nights such as 80s Night and Fetish Night. Mostly college aged kids are found here dancing and drinking the night away.
Face: Lorena Brown – Seen at the club almost every night, this tall, dark and strange young woman always seems to be scanning the crowd.

The Foxy Lady
A known hang out for the local Mob, The Foxy Lady is a gentlemen’s club, but let’s be honest and just call it a strip joint?
Face: Nick Babocci – Known leader of the mafia in Providence.
Aspects: Loud Music, Crowded

McBride’s Pub
An Irish pub with dimly light booths, cheap beer and cheap food.
Face: Rob Sawyer – A very grumpy bar-tender who is rumored to have ties to the Mob.
Aspects: Crowded on Weekends, Dim Lights

Escada Bar
Bar that caters to bikers. Fogged mirrors and a rough crowd there almost every night.
Face: Raymond Luther – Owner of the bar. It’s a strange crowd in there and usually any non-regulars are quickly shown the door.
Aspects: Unfriendly Patrons, Loud and Crowded


Rhode Island Hospital
Clean and white with a basement morgue, what else could one fighting against evil want?
Face: Elizabeth McNeilly – Elizabeth runs the morgue. She sees some
strange things come in that she cannot always explain and would love
to know what’s actually going on.
Aspects (hospital): Security and Cameras Everywhere; White, white and
more white; Machines in the Emergency Ward – Stay out Wizards
Aspects (Morgue): Quiet; Creepy Dead Things; Flickering Lights

Occult Locations

The Biltmore
This hotel inspired Steven King (Overlook Hotel) and Robert Bloch (Bates Hotel) and was named “America’s most Haunted Hotel” in 2000 by the American Hotel and Lodging Association.
Aspects: Flickering Lights; Very Cold Patches; What the Hell was that?

Tunnels by the Canal
Strange things are always occurring around the canal. Perhaps something dark lurks in the nearby tunnels? I’m sure as hell not going to check it out, you have fun with that.
Faces: GM Secrets
Aspects: Dark; Rough Terrain

Old Train Tunnels
This area is hard to get to but still frequented by the ever-curious (or perhaps that’s ever-drunk) college students. Funny thing is, whoever starts talking about going down there ends up disappearing. They probably just dropped out though, right? Freshmen…
Faces: GM Secrets
Aspects: Dark; Rough Terrain

Something Wicked
Local Occult Book store. Lots of tourist spells, “love potions”, wiccan books, tarot cards, and hippy-looking dresses and jewelry is displayed out front. However, for those looking for the real deal, simply ask and Lue Gallows will gladly show them to the back supply room.
Face: Lue Gallows
Aspects: What is that smell exactly? Dimly lit.

The Providence Athenaeum
Home of the local White Council library, among other things. To the locals its a unique library and cultural center.
Face: Frank Poole
Aspects: Lots of Books, Shhh!

Important City Locations

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