Chapter 2 Cats and Scratches

Jasper gritted his teeth. The constant sound of scratching drowned out his keen feline scenes and all but drove him mad.

Caroline stood up, having finished what they had come to the old train tunnels to do. She wiped her hands on the front of her pants in an attempt to reveal them from the caked on dirt and rust and stood.

They both cocked their heads at the same time as they made out the sound of a child crying. Jasper looked towards Caroline but she simply shook her head, “We need to leave, the human child is no concern of ours.”

Jasper didn’t question his pride’s leader but recognized a profound difference in her. He didn’t like it but all he could do was watch and wait until the source revealed itself.

As they made their way forward a group of people joined them in the tunnels. As they began talking with the child, Caroline froze. As their lights shinned ahead and upon them, Caroline turn and ran without any warning. Jasper followed, only stopping when he heard one of them call out, “Wait, we are tasty.” He couldn’t help but stop and laugh at that. These people had to be decent and maybe some interaction would help Caroline out with whatever it was she was going through.

Summary of Events

Oros, Sam, John, and Anthony travel to the old train tunnels to attempt to complete the task for Eve, the Lady of Autumn. There they ran into Lyle who seemed to maybe be spying on them, Polly who was upset that her friends went missing after they said they were going to explore the tunnels, and Caroline and Jasper who said they were part of a Pride of shape shifting panthers. Caroline claimed to be the leader of this group.

Jasper and Caroline lead the group to a tunnel within the tunnel that appeared to be hand dug. As they explored, Lyle discovered a strange pattern in a group of roots that glowed with a strange yellow fungus. Lyle believed the pattern may be some sort of language, though no one in the group could read it. Lyle took pictures of the roots with is camera phone in order to interpret the information at a later time.

At one point an apparition appeared before the group and cried, “I shall protect you.” The ghost seemed very out of place as what was a ghost that looked to be from the middle ages of Europe doing in Rhode Island? Lyle seemed to think that Caroline sent the ghost away. She pointedly did not answer his inquires, threatened to destroy his recording equipment then promptly turned into a giant panther when he continued to question her.

After this the group came upon a rather large dug out room. In the room were four ghouls, a man about to perform an operation one an unconscious human, a tank full of squiggling Night Gaunts, and a number of abducted teenagers, homeless, and most likely fey creatures. The group quickly took care of the ghouls. The man in the back of the room fled when Oros charged across the room and tore the door from the cage where the prisoners were held. Caroline took Jasper, who looked near death, and the lead the prisoners out of the tunnels as the group explored a back room.

The back room lead into the sewers and contained a way up to a sewer head and what appeared to be some sort of dark alter. The alter was decorated with orange and black cloth and candles, bat wings, a human skull, a dried up dead spider, snake skin and a mirror directly over the base of the alter itself. The group could not guess on what it was all for but all agreed that it was rather “creepy”.

Chapter 2 Cats and Scratches

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