Chapter 1 Fungus Among Us

Scene One: Jane Doe

Detective Calvin Tucker is called into a crime scene.

Description: A young woman lays motionless in the middle of the alleyway. Her body is curled up into a ball. Her eyes are open wide and her mouth is open into a perfect “o” shape as if she died screaming in fear.

Upon closer inspection, the victim appears to be a young woman in her late teens or early 20s. She has curly blond hair, green eyes and is very small and petite with a heart shaped face. She is wearing makeup on her face, a short, pink dress (torn and stained with blood), and her nails are painted gold. She doesn’t have any shoes on and there are none found at the scene.

Medical stitches are found on the victims’ stomach and chest. Elizabeth McNeilly, the crime scene analyst, believes these stitches were done by someone with medical training. She also pointed out that the lacerations and bruises on the victim’s body indicate that she was beaten before her death. Elizabeth also pointed out a small blood trail that abruptly ended at the side of a building with no trace of where it goes from there.

Detective Dale Peg, Calvin’s partner, informed Calvin that there was another victim found last night in the Providence River that had the same sort of stitch job on their body. Peg made a comment that perhaps there’s a crazed doctor on the loose.

There were two witnesses that Calvin interviewed. One, Ham, is a homeless man who claims to have seen a glowing red demon in black in his alleyway. This description made Calvin think of Red Court infected who sometimes have tattoos that glow red. Then again, Ham also said the demon was Bill Clinton.

Buck Boyle, a college student from JWU, was the other witness. Buck did not mention anything about glowing skin, just that he saw someone dressed in dark, baggy clothing (probably a guy) drop the body in the alleyway. Buck came across as very nervous during his interview.

Calvin, using his will, focused on the body to see if there were any traces of magic on the victim. He discovered that some sort of dark ritual was evoked to drain an emotion from the victim.

Calvin then snuck away from the scene to cast a ritual to determine if the flies on scene were from another location. He discovered they were from the alleyway and enjoy the garbage there. At this time Calvin received a phone call from Sam Benedict asking from immediate assistance. Calvin could hear the sounds of screaming and something very large crashing into the side of Sam’s building.

Scene Two: Fungus Among Us

Description of the Night Gaunt: The creature that stands in the alleyway is hunched over, if it improved upon it’s posture it may stand at 8 feet tall. The creature is covered with a strange yellow glowing flakes of what can only be described as fungus. It’s limbs are elongated and grotesque with razor blade like claws forming at the end of each finger and dripping with a yellow, glowing ooze. It’s mouth contains sharp, spiked teeth and a large forked tongue that darts out of its mouth ever so often, tasting the air like a snake.

John, Knight of the Cross, is called to the scene by the powers that be and finds himself facing the Night Gaunt one on one. The creature attacks from a distance, causing John’s greatest fears to come to life in his mind, but the Knight hold strong and attacks back, holding the creature at bay.

Soon, the others (Oros and Mason in Oros’s pickup; Calvin in his police car) arrive. After a fierce battle with the beast and some damage to a fire hydrant, telephone pole, and Oros’s pickup, the beast falls. The fungus and claws ooze away into ectoplasm and all that is left is a young man.

Scene Three: The Man Behind the Monster

Description of the young man: He is tall and muscular, dark skinned, young face (maybe about 18 to 20 years old), and is wearing a dark blue coverall that has a label on the left breast pocket with a logo that says “Providence Sanitation” and the name “Will”. He also is wearing a pair of work boots.

After a bit of deliberation, the group decides to bring “Will” into Sam’s office and bind him in a Circle. Before that, they poke around a bit and discover a small finger-sized hole in the back of Will’s head. Inside the hole, something is moving.

After a bit of trial and error, the group brought in Dr. Elizabeth McNeilly. She tried to help but in the end was subjected to a physic attack from the creature and was overwhelmed by unseen fears. Elizabeth was escorted out by Calvin, who got her a taxi home. Her Volvo is currently parked outside of Sam’s office.

At this point John prayed to God to free Will from servitude. The creature within Will’s head became dormant and Will came too. He was very confused and nervous. He stated the last thing he remembered was being in the sewers and one of the tunnels caved in around him. That was in August, about a month ago. He also said his name was William Sibley.

Scene 4: Research and a Quick Fix

Mason and Oros traveled to the Providence Athenaeum to research Night Gaunts at the White Councils library.

They discovered the following:
Night Gaunts are essentially nightmares. They live on and create fear though their influence is normally unseen and minimal. There has only been one other case in history in which they acted as parasites. Very little is written on this case except that it was believed that dark rituals were invoked to shift the night gaunts into living, feeding parasites. Victims skulls were drilled into and the night gaunts placed inside of their head.

If a Night Gaunt is killed by regular means, it kills the host as well. The only way to destroy a Night Gaunt without killing the host is to: 1. Create a potion with the following ingredients: hair freely given from the Lady of Autumn, witchwood (heart of most ancient trees – normally contain a Dryad), and tears from the Lady of Spring placed in a diamond vial by her own hands and feed it to the host 2. Feed the Host Red Court vampire venom. Though, this will render the host addicted, it kills the parasite within.

Meanwhile, John continues to watch over William as William rests and Anthony calls a doctor he knows that has patched him up before after a rough day on the “job”. Dr. Jim Vipier shows up, very annoyed, smoking a cigarette and with a rather sketchy tackle box full of “medical” supplies. Much to Jim’s annoyance, Mason calls and tells them not to patch William up yet just as Jim was about to stitch the hole in William’s head closed.

To summarize up the rest of the scene:
- Oros and Anthony go to Olneyville for a quick drug deal using a contact of Sam’s that owed him a rather large favor. The drug dealer gives Oros and Anthony Red Court Venom for free. After arriving back at Sam’s, the group decides to keep the venom as Plan B and proceed with Plan A by going to The Equinox and seeing what Eve and Dawn know about the Autumn and Spring Courts of Fairy.
- Anthony breaks into the Doctors office across the street from Sam’s office two times. The first time he steals $400 ($300 of which is used to pay Jim). The second time he steals medical supplies to keep William sedated.

Scene 5: Autumn and Spring

After a some disturbing conversations between Eve and Mason in which Eve expressed her love of Night Gaunts, Mason traded his story on how he obtained a token from Winter for the story of Autumn and Spring.
Eve told him that Autumn and Spring were once as powerful as Summer and Winter but they were brought down low by Mab and Titania. Now the Courts must live in the human world and have no Queens, though they are not sure on where the Mothers are. Eve admits she is the current Autumn Lady and Dawn is the Spring Lady.

John made a deal with Eve for a piece of her hair. He is to clear out the old train tunnels. Eve said there were ghouls there.

Mason made a deal with Dawn for her tears placed in a diamond vial. He is to go to Swan Point Cemetery, enter the Nevernever near a mound of earth and return to her with a man named Doll.

Chapter 1 Fungus Among Us

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