Wisened old Tibetan dude who might almost appear to be yoda if you squint just right...


Skills: +5 Conviction, Discipline; +4 Presence, Endurance; +3 Lore, Alertness; +2 Empathy, Athletics; +1 Rapport, Weapons

Physical, Mental, Social all at 4

Evocation, Spirit +1 control
Thaumaturgy, Divination +1 Complexity

Staff: Focus item (2 slots), +1 offensive power and control for spirit spells
Robe: Focus item (2 slots), +1 defensive power and control for spirit spells

staff is normally short, like a cane, but when used as a focus item, or in combat, extends in beams of light to a full quarter staff. Think double-bladed lightsaber only lightstaff :)


Aspects (some of these may get renamed…i’m not compelled by some of them right now)
High Concept: Guru to the White Council
Trouble: Haunted by Past Students
Mana from Heaven
Old man and his stick
There is no Try
Foot in Two Worlds
Kharma’s a Bitch

Guru to the White Council Yadah is the spiritual consultant for the White Council. Although he is not a member, lacking the magical prowess, he is known and respected as a spiritual consultant. This tends to get him in trouble with certain vampiric types, and can stir up trouble with even the council itself when he feels compelled to “do the right thing” instead of following orders.

Haunted by Past Students Yadah is literally haunted by his past students. They show up at inopportune moments to distract, torment and otherwise plague his sensitive nature. His feelings of guilt for failing some of his students, or believing the best about students who turned out to be flat out evil causes him no end of grief. He often ends up feeling so much grief that he finds himself doing favors for people he shouldn’t because he knows they were wronged by his former pupils. When he is at his best, this aspect is incredibly powerful, allowing him to anticipate trouble for his teammates, and literally preventing them from being compelled by their more hurtful aspects. The cost to him, of course, is quite steep, often winning him another haunt for his ghostly harem of tormentors.

Mana From Heaven Due to his upbringing in the monastery, Yadah wears rose colored glasses about basic necessities. While this “hakuna matata” attitude leaves his mind clear to deal with life, it also leaves him woefully unprepared to deal with basic issues. He will probably never remember to take an umbrella with him when it is raining, for example. While this is a rather mundane example, there are of course far more drastic consequences for some of his care-free habits.

Old man and his stick Yadah’s stick and robe, in addition to being powerful focus items, are the only things he allows himself to own. He may at times carry other items, but on journey in pursuit of the Jade Army, he escaped from the monastery massacre with only two items, and he swore he would never own any others. While this altruistic approach leaves him less cluttered and more focused on what is important in life, it also leaves him hampered. He is always barefoot, for example. While there are times when his traveling companions might ask him to care for a pair of boots if they are journeying in the tundra, for the most part, he simply endures the consequences of not having such normal possessions. This is not the guy you want making lodging or meal arrangements. You’ll end up eating from a dumpster or camping in a city park.

There is no Try During his pursuit of the Jade Army, Yadah first manifest his will as pure force, discovering his innate magical ability with spirit magic. The challenge with being such a willful person is that he can often bite off more than he can chew. His belief that he can do things allows him to do things he shouldn’t be able to do, but can also lead him down patch that really are beyond his considerable power.

Foot in Two Worlds Asking Yadah to be fully present in only one reality is a futile request. While this makes him an amazing investigator because he can piece things together that seem disparate, it also leaves him open to missing obvious things like ambushes if he is distracted by focusing on something else.

Kharma’s a Bitch When faced with the choice between two evils, Yadah can end up paralyzed, often making decisions that will hurt him in the short term. If he has a choice to take the hard road that is the right road, he will inevitably do it the hard way. Having lived a long life, he is woefully aware of the number of times he has put a penny on the wrong side of the scale, and he ends up going out of his way to help others, often at the cost of his own health.

My simplified way of thinking about Yadah’s aspects:
7 aspects, 7 chakras, stolen shamelessly from Avatar…lol

Guru to the White Council Sound/truth chakra, related to his ability to speak the truth. Blocked by lies to self. Blocked by self-deception.

Haunted by Past Students Thought/cosmic energy chakra, related to his ability to hold things that are disparate and cause the best reality to come forth. Blocked by attachment.

Mana from Heaven Water/pleasure chakra, related to his ability to find satisfaction in simple living. Blocked by guilt.

Old man and his stick Earth/nurture/survival chakra, related to his ability to be self-sufficient. Blocked by fear.

There is no Try Fire/willpower chakra, related to his ability to manifest his will in the world. Blocked by shame. This chakra is the center of his Evocation Spirit magic.

Foot in Two Worlds Light/insight chakra, related to his ability to see the meaning behind things. Blocked by the illusion of separation. This chakra is the center of his Thaumaturgic Divination magic.

Kharma’s a Bitch Air/love/compassion chakra, related to his ability to find the good way forward in impossible situations. Blocked by grief.


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