Sam Benedict

Supernatural Attorney-at-law


Pure Mortal


High Concept

Supernatural Attorney-at-Law


Friends in All the Wrong Places


Prodigal Son-of-a-gun (Background)
The Comeback Kid (Rising Conflict)
Truth is Relative (First Story)
Pro Bono (Guest Star)
Criminally Handsome (Guest Star)


3 Physical
3 Mental (2 extra mild consequences)
4 Social (armor 1)


Superb: Presence
Great: Deceit, Contacts
Good: Rapport, Intimidation
Fair: Investigation, Resources, Guns
Average: Conviction, Scholarship, Endurance, Discipline, Driving

Stunts and Powers

Resilient Self Image
I Know Just the Guy
Honest Lies
Teflon Persona
Takes One to Know One

Refresh 4



Father was a deadbeat involved with the mob. Mother was a doting homemaker. Learned conflict avoidance from a young age. Adopted a screen of self-involved charisma to distance himself emotionally from others, with a disarming, wisecracking persona that charmed some and grated on others. Mother died when he was 17 of illness. Passed around from foster home to foster home while having a tough time at school. Tried to avoid all contact with father, refusing to follow in his footsteps.

Rising Conflict

Faked his way through Brown. Met a girl at a party who ended up being a changeling. She was deeply entangled with the Summer Court. Using his legal expertise, he works out an arrangement to have her debt delayed, then convinces her to be mortal to invalidate the contract.

First Story (Night Court)

Sets up a small practice in Providence. Helps a White Court Vampire clear his name of a crime he didn’t commit.
Guest Starring: Oros Olympos, John Henry

Guest Star (Midsummer Night’s Nightmare)

Detective Calvin Tucker makes a bad deal with the Summer Court that backfires when he makes a double deal with the Winter Court. Same gives him the legal cover to avoid dire consequences.

Guest Star (Night at the Musuem)

Klepekt, were-form thief, gets in hot water over the theft of a priceless Greek artifact, the fallout of which involves agents of the ancient goddess Hera.

Sam Benedict

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