Detective Calvin Tucker

Shady Detective Entomomancer



High Concept: Shady Detective Entomomancer
Trouble: Pact with the Summer Court

Fly on the Wall
Sacrifice for the Greater Good
Always Read the Fine Print
Feelers Everywhere
Turn a Blind Eye


Superb (+5) Great (+4) Good (+3) Fair (+2) Average (+1)
Discipline Alertness Conviction Deceit Endurance
Lore Fists Presence Stealth Investigation


Mental Physical Social
①②③④ ①②③ ①②③④

Mortal Stunts

Footwork [-1] : Use Fists instead of Athletics to dodge attacks
Martial Artist [-1] : Use Fists to make assessments and declarations regarding fighting style
Armed Artist [-1] : Use baton and knife in combat with Fists instead of Weapons
Off-Hand Weapon Training [-1] : Add half the off-hand weapon damage on successful attack

Supernatural Powers

Ritual [-2] : Thaumaturgy, but only applies to insects, arachnids, and similar creatures

Focus Items

Amber Ring : +1 complexity (entomomancy)

Enchanted Items

Entropic Gnats
Several tiny, flying insects hover near Calvin. The critters have been magically modified to act like energy vacuums of sorts. In an instant, they can effectively absorb incoming physical attacks of both mundane and supernatural nature.
Spell provided: The gnats can either act as a strength 5 defensive block for Calvin or a strength 3 defensive block for himself and all allies in the same zone as Calvin. The gnats last for an exchange. Uses one enchanted item slot.

Swarm in a Jar
Duration: One scene or instantaneous
Effect: When the jar is opened, the zone gains the temporary aspect “Swarmed with Insects” and the one who opened the jar gains the temporary aspect “One with the Swarm”. Instead of releasing the swarm in this manner, the jar may be hurled at a target using Weapons skill. When the jar smashes open, the angry swarm makes a Weapon:5 attack against the target and then dissipates.
Notes: The swarm is capable on biting and stinging, but won’t do so unless provoked or instigated. The jar is far too small to hold the massive swarm, so a little pocket of the Nevernever is fused with the jar in order to make a dimensional pocket of sorts. This is a delicate and dangerous process.


Handful of Homing Fireflies
Type: Thaumaturgy, entomomancy
Complexity: Varies; 6 shifts typically, based on conflict vs. the target’s Stealth
Duration: One scene
Effect: Target has the Illuminated by Fireflies temporary—but sticky—aspect applied to him.
Variations: Call up a bit more power to make the illumination last longer.
Notes: The number of fireflies released increases or decreases the illumination, making the aspect either very obvious or very subtle.

This Place is Bugged
TBD … casing and divination via bugs

It was HUGE
TBD … make a big ass bug and hope it doesn’t eat you

Ants in the Pants
TBD … uncomfortable/disadvantageous aspect



Detective Calvin Tucker

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